Saturday, March 3, 2012

This odd-looking tool is my new best friend.
It lets me punch holes in metal and I've been trying it on everything since I got it yesterday.
I thrifted this big earring which reminded me of Monet's paintings. I took it apart right away for all of its lovely, little pieces.
Four of the five beads will be in this necklace and one of the discs. The purple, green, and copper looks awesome together. The copper teardrop pendant only had one hole yesterday, but my new friend said hello.
The big disc from the earring went perfectly with this wooden toggle button. Now I just need to add dangly stuff.

"Fly Home" is my favorite pair of earrings from today. They use pieces from
the Monet earring and labradite chips. The bird and house charms are so cute.

Another of the discs went into this work in progress.
Here are four pairs of earrings that are laid out on my table.
More new treasures from Kim and my favorite antique store Second Changes.


  1. Hi Kala! I just 'met' you on the Blah Blah Blah forum. Wanted to say that I am glad to have found your blog and look forward to seeing more of your work, because this first post I've read shows some really lovely pieces!
    Nice to meet you, Juliette

  2. Hello Kala, How nice to see how well laid out your plans are for using the components. I see that you're going to put them to good use. I must say that you are much more methodical than I am in your designing and it's so cool how you've shown us in the diagrams. I can see you're having fun. Thanks for the mention and stopping in at my blog.
    xoxo Kim